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Since 1984 Cedarport Window & Door Center Inc. has been a purveyor of premiumquality contemporary windows and doors, offering a full range of architectural window and door products for replacement or new build. Cedarport provides installation and after sale service for the products we supply. The complexity of today’s homes has escalated in recent years to ensure maximum efficiency, combined with new contemporary designs that maximize the views that attract people to this area. With Cedarport’s multi manufacturer platform we ensure the best solution for each project.

Cedaport’s strength lies within our ability to analyze complex drawings, comply with current stringent SB12 and other building code guidelines to ensure compliancy while providing practical solutions that meet every budget and quality level. Cedarport has been installing in this area for more than 33 years and stand behind our recommendations and projects. Price is a factor of course; however we are committed to providing the right solution for every budget and project. With two locations to serve you, one in Thornbury in the Kings Court Mall, or locally at our showroom located inside the Mono Plaza. Contact us to receive a free estimate, 519-941-7208, or visit us at www.cedarport.ca

D&D Pools

Are you ready for a backyard oasis?

Dreaming of a backyard oasis? Whatever your vision, from a simple rectangle for a growing family to play in, to a beautifully contoured retreat, we offer shapes and sizes to suit every need. Our backyard planning expert will learn about your individual requirements and provide you with a recommendation that is a practical balance between desired features and cost effectiveness. We have been building pools for over 30 years.
And top off your ultimate backyard with landscaping. We offer an extensive range of exterior home solutions and services to make your outdoor space more enjoyable right down to incorporating a new Coast Spa, a Big Green Egg Charcoal or Weber Grill. We’ll incorporate the desired fit and function into every job, while keeping in mind the overall appearance and effect.

The best part of owning a swimming pool is having time to enjoy it with family and friends and that’s why many pool owners leave the chore of opening and closing their pool to the experts at D & D. Not only will it be easier on your back, but it can also extend the life of your pool by ensuring that it is done properly each time. D & D has been making life easier for hundreds of satisfied families each year, so why not enjoy more of your precious time and leave the heavy work to us.

If you’re considering a custom safety cover in place of your conventional winter tarp now is the time to act. As fall approaches many are interested in the switch from a conventional winter cover to a safety cover. The benefits are numerous including safety first. If you’re in an area where wildlife might stroll through your property or you enjoy the seasons outdoors as your children and pets play in the autumn leaves and snow you can rest easy knowing the pool is covered securely and ready to accept the weight if something happens upon it. Give us a call for a no charge quote.

At D & D pools you’ll find friendly and helpful people, from the store staff to the technicians, service and installation crews. A happy and satisfied client is important to us and we thank you for choosing to do business with us. www.d-dpools.com

Synergy Roofing

7 Seven tips to help you choose a roofer

Having a roof installed or repaired involves a considerable investment, so it’s crucial that you choose your roofing specialist carefully. Here are some guidelines to help you find a quality roofer that will get the job done properly, on time, and on budget.

1. Ask around. Your friends, family and coworkers may know of an excellent contractor for your project — or one that you should avoid at all costs.
2. Ask at least three different candidates for a detailed estimate of the required work. This will allow you to not only compare pricing, but also assess things like
scheduling, material choices and warranties.
3. Verify that your preferred contractor has all of the permits and certifications required by law, and favour members of a recognized trade association.
4. Ask the contractor for references to validate the quality and timeliness of their work with past clients. It’s always a good idea to consult your local Better Business Bureau as well to find out if any complaints have been filed against the company.
5. When possible, choose a roofer that’s been in business for some time. Not only will they be more experienced, but chances are that if their work wasn’t up to par they wouldn’t be operating any longer.
6. Make sure that the contractor you hire is properly insured and liable for any damages to your property caused during the project.
7. Never pay the whole bill upfront. If a roofer isn’t willing to wait until the work has been inspected before receiving final payment, you should probably
bring your business elsewhere.
One last tip: protect your investment with a contractual agreement. Before any work starts, you and your contractor should sign a contract outlining the work to be done, the project’s schedule, the payment scheme and any other important information.